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Land OLakes / Lutz Real Estate

Land O’ Lakes

Take the adventure of a lifetime by looking into your new home in a unique and sought after location! Only the Delgado Home Team can coordinate this adventure for you properly, with their local specialists constantly on the ground working tirelessly on your behalf. Right now the opportunities in the Land O’ Lakes real estate market are causing a surge in searches, which means that competition is high!

Land O’ Lakes homes for sale are among the nicest and most desirable in all of Florida. Rapid and expansive growth throughout the 1990s have made new housing development commonplace. With a higher average income than the rest of the state, it’s no wonder why Land O’ Lakes has some of the most luxurious properties in all of Florida.

In fact, because of the success over the last twenty years as far as growth and industry prospects are concerned, Land O’ Lakes real estate has actually absorbed nearby towns into its borders. Denham, Ehren, and Gowers Corner were all brought into the fold of a successful and loving community when the region just couldn’t contain the beautiful productivity of Land O’ Lakes real estate.

Major road ways like the Suncoast Parkway and U.S. Route 41 run through Land O’ Lakes, making it a perfect area for a commuter to reside in. Or, if you’re employed by one of the many local businesses in the area, these roadways provide instant access to the rest of the state for some of the very best shopping and dining that you’ll ever experience.

And it all begins with contacting the Delgado Home Team today! Land O’ Lakes homes for sale don’t stay on the market for long due to the incredibly rapid growth. Don’t miss out by putting off this adventure any longer! Let the Delgado Home Team be your guide through the twists and turns of an ever-changing market.


With over twenty-seven square miles of prime real estate to sift through, how could you ever hope to find the precise location that matches your needs? Simple: contact the Delgado Home Team today! They are the local specialists that know every street corner, every cul de sac, and every nuance to the Lutz real estate market. Not only are they efficient, but they’re highly knowledgeable and professional, full time Realtors, too!

Beginning as a small train depot to service a line running from Tampa to Brooksville, just as soon as a post office was authorized the area became known as Lutz. Now it’s grown into a regional center of prosperity, and a wonderful location to reside in for commuters.

That post office is now an art gallery, which gives a sense of history and culture to the local area. Stopping there is a great way to not only admire some wonderful pieces of artwork, but to also get a strong vibe for how the local community feels. Artwork is very revealing about a culture, and this new destination location without Lutz real estate is no different.

And if you think Lutz homes for sale look familiar, even if you have never been in the area before, that may be because you’ve seen them on the big screen! The Tim Burton and Johnny Depp classic bizarre film, “Edward Scissorhands” was filmed in Lutz. It has a credit at the end of the movie with a thank you message for the residents. The movie was filmed on Tinsmith Circle in the neighborhood of Carpenter’s Run in Lutz.

That little piece of trivia has forever solidified Lutz’s place in history! And you can be welcomed into that historical community easily by contacting the Delgado Home Team today. Get the search started, find your perfect home, and see what Lutz real estate has to offer you!

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