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Brandon Real Estate

Back in 1857, when John Brandon arrived at Fort Brooke from Mississippi, he may not have realized how long his name would live on. When he purchased forty acres of property and settled down, how could he know that fate would deem this to be one of the biggest and most prosperous areas in all of Florida? Foresight like this is what the Delgado Home Team is known for, because if they had been working for Mr Brandon way back then, they could have given him a heads-up! Brandon real estate has some amazing investment opportunities available today, but only if you begin searching now.

In 1890, the railroad came through what is now Brandon real estate. The local economy erupted in a flourish of big business and local stability. While the railroad has taken a backseat in modern times, Brandon hasn’t stopped to take a breather for even one moment.

The 1950s marked one of the latest booms in growth that Brandon homes for sale enjoy still to this day. The foundations of the current school system were established, marking Brandon as a prime educational center for new families to take part in. Regional statistics are led by some of Brandon’s amazing facilities, which have excellent testing score and graduation rates.

Like all of Tampa, Brandon also enjoys an amazing year long climate that people all around the country are envious of. This has led to many outdoor activity industries springing up, as well as tourist locations and businesses.

The high demand for Brandon real estate hasn’t slowed down since Mr Brandon originally bought his forty acres of land! Contact the Delgado Home Team today to get a leg up on the competition and find your perfect Brandon homes for sale now!

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