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Attention All You Foodies!

Tampa is becoming such a great place to live and EAT.  I’m not sure if I would call myself a Foodie but I do love this new Armature Works!

It’s been open for several months now and it is just a cool place to hang out and try a new drink or some great food.  I’ve been to these types of places in Downtown D.C. or Denver, CO. so I was pretty excited when the concept was brought here.  The building itself has been around since 1910 and it was once the storage and maintenance facility for Tampa Electric’s (TECO) streetcars.  If you like history, the building has a ton of character.





Today, it houses a bunch of great restaurants and bars creating a very cool vibe for our Tampa friends to enjoy. On the outside, you can catch some rays, watch a manatee swimming or maybe just go for a bike ride.

Now, if you have a particular pallet, don’t worry, you are sure to find something you like and for my northerner friends, make sure you check this place out when you visit.  For more information on Armature Works and all the cool restaurants check out their site at


If you would like a tour with us or would like to know about other things to do in Tampa call us at (813)319-6444

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